"Forget cars, computers and cola. The most competitive arena in marketing is sports. Rein, Kotler and Shields do a brilliant job in analyzing the issues involved in attracting elusive fans who have many more choices today than they have ever had."

"The authors apply insightful consumer analysis and branding concepts to the practical problems of bringing people to games, attracting eyeballs to sports TV, and opening consumer wallets for merchandise."


The Elusive Fan is a groundbreaking guide to engaging and retaining today's fragmented, ever-shifting, and demanding sports fans.

The sports industry is booming like never before. At all levels, from professional and high school to college and club, revenues are reaching previously unimaginable heights. Sports are now a multi-billion dollar global business that is on the cutting-edge of entertainment, new media technology, and communication and marketing synergies. And the industry will only continue to grow by leaps and bounds into the foreseeable future.

The bad news: Competing for sports fans has never been more intense and uncertain.